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CVI invests across the industrial sector. We have financed a wide range of activities including car batteries production, polyurethane foam for the furniture industry, power hydraulics, iron castings or steel constructions.

In each situation our financing is tailored to the requirements of the company. We understand changes in the market, specific customer needs, continuous and simultaneous pressure on product quality, flexibility of supply while maintaining competitive prices. We also keep track of the impact of external factors, such as utilities or labour costs.

We are often a supplement to bank financing, enabling implementation of far-reaching plans, for which additional financing is necessary. It can be used both for investments in new production capacity (through the purchase of new machines, expansion of plants or acquisition of other entities) or the strengthening of working capital. We also finance changes in the capital structure from refinancing existing financial liabilities to financing ownership changes through the recapitalization or repurchase of shares or stocks.

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