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At CVI, we firmly believe that environmental, social and corporate governance standards are critical not only to our organisation, but also to our day-to-day portfolio management. Implementing an ESG policy ensures long-term value creation and positions CVI as a trusted partner for our counterparties. As an organisation, CVI is engaged in a number of social and environmental initiatives. Among other things, we have launched the “Pathfinder” programme, which focuses on early education of female students about job opportunities in the investment industry. “Pathfinder” is a one-week- educational programme designed to give female students the opportunity to plan their career path at an early stage. In addition, in 2022 we moved to offices that meet high environmental standards and are BREEAM Excellent certified.

As of 2019, CVI is a proud signatory to the UNPRI and was one of the first members among fund managers in the CEE region.
Since then, we have successively implemented ESG policies at every stage of the investment process.
We comply with SFDR regulations and additional ESG requirements of our investors.

CVI's goal in ESG-related aspects is to:

  • Identify opportunities and address potential ESG-related risks early in the investment process
  • Monitor ESG-related criteria throughout the investment process
  • Promote ESG topics internally and to our business partners
  • Assist small and medium-sized companies in navigating ESG-related areas

1. ESG in the initial project evaluation process

  • Rejecting companies that operate in excluded sectors (early stage of the investment process)
  • Checking the reputation of potential investee companies and their beneficial owners

2. ESG in the due diligence process

  • Comprehensive ESG analysis framework based on internal procedures and proprietary rating system
  • Assigning ESG ratings for both the sponsor and the issuer
  • Commissioning an external due diligence report, if needed

3. ESG in investment decision-making

  • The ESG rating, along with the score received, is included in the investment memo
  • Requirement to include ESG disclosure obligations in the documentation and, in selected cases, corrective actions

4. ESG in investment monitoring

  • Quarterly ESG monitoring report (red flags report)
  • Annual provision of a completed ESG questionnaire by issuers, which is the basis for the preparation of an annual ESG report for fund investors