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Investment process

Proven investment process results in smooth decision making

CVI - Non-binding confirmation of interest
CVI - Investment committee approval
CVI - Distribution of funds


  • A project leader is assigned to each project
  • Initial analysis based on info provided/ high-level follow-up questions
  • Fast decision (go/no go) based on proprietary investment criteria

Analysis and Company meeting

  • Meeting with founders, management
  • Sharing detailed information, including the business plan, via email and Q&A sessions
  • Reviewing business assumptions
  • In-depth assessment of the project, following detailed analysis

Term sheet

  • Finalisation of financial model and stress-testing
  • Preparation of financing structure
  • Site visit, if not already done
  • Negotiation of term sheet, including interest rate, collateral, covenants etc.
  • Completion of internal due diligence, preparation of investment memorandum

and Closing

  • Conduct of confirmatory external due diligence, if necessary
  • Selection of legal advisers
  • Negotiation and signing of legal documentation
  • Establishment of collateral


  • Quarterly review of financial performance
  • Review of covenants
  • Adjustments to financial projections and ratings, if necessary
  • Supporting the company in strategic business decisions
6-10 weeks to distribution of funds