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Why CVI?

CVI financing provides many benefits:

What we are funding

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Experienced partner

CVI has made more than 730 investments in Central Europe. More than half of these went to companies we had previously financed, confirming the attractiveness of our value proposition.


The financing offered by CVI is always “tailor-made” to the individual needs of a particular business and is characterised by a flexibility that bank financing cannot offer.

Fast execution

Fast transaction process, based on efficient credit analysis and direct access to investment decision makers – the whole process usually takes 6 to 10 weeks.

Retained ownership/control

Unlike private equity deals, our transactions are predominantly leveraged, which means that the owner suffers no dilution and no loss of control.

Solutions for various risk levels

Our solutions can be used to finance higher credit risk situations than those accepted for bank financing.

Orientation to growth

The financial and operational parameters of the financing are set to support, not restrict, the company’s growth.

Based on a trusted relationship

Ongoing cooperation during financing is carried out by the same people who led the investment process and negotiations – so potential problems can be resolved quickly and effectively.

Local experience

We believe that local knowledge is key to successfully investing in Central Europe, which is why we are based in the region and our team has extensive experience with investments in the region.