Consumer goods

CVI finances production as well as distribution of consumer goods.

Production of consumer goods can be organized in categories as different as fast moving consumer goods, white goods (household  products), automobiles or apparel. Each has its own specificities, and CVI is capable of understanding the value-added drivers in each category, as well as the fundamental and latest consumer shifts in demand. CVI is therefore able to provide companies with financing tailored to their present needs, whilst allowing them to capitalize on market trends.

Retailing has been a very dynamic sector over the past few years, at the confluence of consumer trends, new technology and the advent of the e-commerce. At CVI, we understand and finance those pockets of the distribution space we are comfortable with, or those where we see a significant potential materializing in the near future.

Our financing in the consumer goods overall can go towards capex, M&A, refinancing or working capital or a mixture thereof. Our flexibility shows a good understanding of the business needs of our clients and is always geared towards supporting their future growth.

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Magdalena Śniegocka

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