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We offer a wide spectrum of capital needs for companies
operating in the CEE region

  • Working capital

    Utilizing an appropriate working capital level is a crucial element for every company, especially the ones that expect strong revenue growth, have long production cycle, are exposed to sales seasonality or require flexible solutions for suppliers and clients. CVI finances working capital needs most usually via senior lending solutions while other options might also be available.

  • Capital expenditure (capex)

    CVI finances capital expenditures related to product or service development, production or warehousing capacity extension, etc. Form of financing depends on existing debt in company. CVI can offer flexible solutions providing additional debt in form of senior or junior debt, or alternatively refinancing whole structure („unitranche”).

  • Mergers and acquisitions

    Companies often acquire other companies. CVI can support such acquisitions as a sole provider of capital or in combination with other capital providers, such as banks. CVI has experience in acquisitions both in Poland and abroad. CVI support both one-off acquisitions as well as buy & build strategies.

  • Buyouts of companies or individual shareholders

    Sometimes business development or personal plans require changes in shareholder structure. In CVI we have tools that allow us to offer shareholder buyout in both private and public companies. CVI finances both full company buyouts (leverage buyouts, management buyouts) or buyouts of individual shareholders, quite often holding minority stakes. To finance buyouts of shareholders, CVI can offer mezzanine debt as well as equity (acquiring minority stake) financing products.

  • Current debt refinancing

    In a refinancing process, an older financing (delivered by various financial institutions) is replaced by a new financing structure specifically tailored to company’s needs at that particular time. In many cases, refinancing takes place when new investors enter the company and redefine strategic plans. Under refinancing, CVI can offer unitranche, junior or mezzanine debt solutions.

  • Dividend payout / recapitalization

    Using additional debt to finance one-off dividend to private or institutional investors is usually used in companies characterized by stable cash flows and proven business model. Investors use this mechanism to get back some of the invested capital. CVI is able to offer full spectrum of solutions for these purposes.

  • Financial restructuring

    CVI is able to enter complex restructuring processes, including acquiring debt from banks or suppliers which want to exit companies. In difficult liquidity situations or restructuring processes, available collateral plays a crucial role. In such cases, financing provided by funds managed by CVI can have both debt or equity form and is always customized to company’s situation.

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