Trade & services: Facilities manager

Company overview:

  • International group of companies offering a full range of high quality facility management services operating in multiple countries
  • The group had ample experience with acquisitions and their following subsequent integration

Need description:

  • The group was set to acquire several companies in their core business over next year to consolidate business in its current geographies and set a platform for expansion into new markets
  • The total amount of capital was too high for the traditional banking solutions while the owners wanted to keep 100% of the company

Investment overview:

  • Senior financing (fully refinancing existing bank financing)
  • 4-year maturity with partial amortization after 2 and 3 years
  • All-cash interest, payable semi-annually
  • Full collateral package
  • Financial covenants ensuring smooth growth of the business


Size: EUR 11 million

Date: 2017

Financing type: senior

Use of proceeds: financing of acquisitions (buy-and-build), refinancing