Our Strengths

Our debt capital suports company’s growth.

CVI is the leader of non-bank debt financing for SME sector in Poland and region. Thanks to the private debt formula and the extensive experience, cooperation with CVI has many advantages and benefits over the traditional relationship with banks or other suppliers of capital.

Broad range of financing

Products offered by CVI address various financial needs and situations in the development of a company.

Fast and smooth investment process

Our decision making centre is located in Warsaw which enables quick decision-making in a quickly changing economic environment.


The financing offered by CVI is always tailor made according to the specific business requirements which is unattainable in case of regular bank financing. We invest between EUR 2-10m into single project.

Pro-growth orientation

Financial and operating conditions are determined in such a way that they support the company’s growth.

Direct relationship

The persons working on a given transaction have actual impact on the investment decisions . Moreover our team members are always available to discuss unexpected problems or changes in the business case.

Experience and knowledge

CVI has closed several hundred transactions practically across all the industries. This gives it unique understanding of the specific risks of every enterprise. It is also supported by the wide network of industry experts.

CVI Dom Maklerski  („CVI”) is an independent asset manager that continues the activity of  Credit Value Investment.

Credit Value was set up in 2012 and quickly became leader in non-bank financing in Poland.